Property Management Software For Retail Tenants

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Wasting time trying to gather location data?

These companies are managing hundreds of stores — with just a few clicks!

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Struggling with fragmented location data?

Tenants often struggle to manage their leasing data. But it doesn’t have to be this difficult.

Spending extra staff hours trying to reconcile information?

Attempting to locate one source of the truth across mountains of spreadsheets in basic systems?

This approach to property lease management isn’t sustainable — especially for a growing business with numerous locations.

Using basic systems such as excel to manage your leasing data can seriously hinder your business continuity and eventually create serious operational and financial risks.

Try a simple, user-friendly property management software  — that is easily scalable to your business.

If you are managing leases for numerous locations, you need to be able to easily access your location data for informed and effective decision making. 

LeaseEagle’s property management software provides a centralised portal to manage all of your location data.

Improve your property management systems with LeaseEagle.

Generate reports and send alerts automatically when lease payments are due

Collaborate across multiple business functions

Improve your ability to report on leasing data

Reduce administration costs

Enhance business intelligence for effective decision making

Guaranteed security and functionality

Find out how LeaseEagle can help you manage your lease portfolio

It’s an on-demand web-based application that provides you with:

Leading cloud technology to deliver a secure and centralised portal for managing leases, properties, contacts and documents.

Collaboration tools to manage store openings, document tracking, communications, critical event notifications and sales reporting.

Live customisable portfolio reporting with store performance profiling, interactive charting, user dashboards and business intelligence tools.

Account payable processing with auto charges forecasting, CAMS analysis, FASB & IFRS compliance tools, multi-currency and accruals management.

Portfolio management

Projects and workflows

Reporting and analysis

Payment and financials

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User-friendly and simple. Powerful and scalable.

With a new, comprehensive lease management system, your growing business has the support it deserves. You’ll gain:

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Collaboration — all necessary staff members can view and edit the same file

Enhanced business reporting

Remote usage — including on mobile

Reduction in administration costs

Automated alerts when leases and payments are due

Expanded business intelligence — provides one source of the truth

Guaranteed security and functionality

Improved compliance standards

"I have used LeaseEagle in several retail property roles and in my opinion it is the only property software purpose built for the needs of retail tenants. It’s stable technology platform and user friendly interface has resulted in LeaseEagle catering for the requirements of our 240 store network very well.

— Warwick Padey National Property Manager Jeanswest

"LeaseEagle was implemented and began repaying the investment immediately through better access to information and delivering a more automated electronic business process.” 

— David Burford. Nat. Property Manager, Bridgestone

"We selected LeaseEagle because it has the functionality we needed and was easy to deploy and use. It has become our key system for supporting lease information management."

— Aaron Green – Nat. Property Manager. Medibank Private Limited

Simple, user-friendly property management software — easily scalable to your business

User-friendly and simple. Powerful and scalable.

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